Our Practice

At a glance

• Modern and conveniently located
• Physiotherapy Pilates Studio
• Rehabilitation Gym
• iPad Video Analysis
• Throwing, running, cycling assessments
• Dynamic Real Time Ultrasound

Expanded in 2001 and recently refurbished in 2020, our Physiotherapy Practice is modern, comfortable and welcoming.

Situated in the heart of the city, a block from the Bourke Street Mall and on the corner of Elizabeth Street and Little Collins Street, the practice is close to all public transport, major hotels and all that the city CBD has to offer.

With our commitment for best practice and evidence based Physiotherapy we use a range of assessment tools and technology that are quantifiable but more importantly for you reproducible. You will know and can see your improvement and recovery.

Over the 2020 lockdown, we upgraded the Practice to include a more spacious, private room for Exercise and Pilates.
The room can be used for:

  • Exercise Rehabilitation
  • One to one Pilates
  • Independent Exercise and Pilates
  • Strengthening and Conditioning Programs
  • Stretching Programs

In recognition of the new social/physical distancing and with exercise being more consulted online you can bring your own program or access programs online and view this on our flat screen television. We can even provide an online program for your own Pilates or stretching or strengthening and conditioning.

Call to experience our modern practice (03) 9670 3996 or email info@elizabethphysio.com.au

Physiotherapy Pilates Studio

Use Pilates
to improve your painful back and weakened abdominal muscles.

At a glance;

• Reformer
• Trapeze Table
• Small classes – more assistance

Our Physiotherapy Pilates Studio has a Reformer and full sized Trapeze Table.

Pilates is a method of exercise using controlled movement that can build strength, flexibility, co-ordination, efficiency of movement and muscular endurance in the body.

Physiotherapy Pilates uses Pilates exercises to specifically target and rehabilitate muscle groups that are causing your injury.

Our Pilates programs are run by experienced Physiotherapists and Manipulative Physiotherapist with specific Pilates training.

Physiotherapy Pilates is beneficial for;

  • Low back injuries including disc and joint injuries
  • Neck and middle back injuries especially where poor posture is contributing to the pain
  • Sciatica especially where overactive / weak muscles are placing pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Use Pilates to improve your painful back and weakened abdominal muscles. Call (03) 9670 3996 or email info@elizabethphysio.com.au

Rehabilitation Gym

At a glance;

• Treadmill
• Bike
• Bike Fit Sep Up Equipment
• Rebounder
• Weights, Pulleys, Rolls
• Rotagym
• Plenty of space and time allowed exercising yourself back to good health either independently or with assistance

The Rehabilitation Gym compliments our hands on approach of Physiotherapy / Manipulative Physiotherapy with exercise programs both supervised and independent.

With our extensive knowledge of sports injuries, having worked with Orthopaedic Surgeons and Orthopaedic Surgeons referring to us, we create exercise programs that are specifically tailored to your needs. We ensure you have a clear and manageable pathway to recovery and return to your sport or recreation.

Rehabilitate in our Gym – some examples include;

  • Ligament Repair

    From lateral ligament sprains of the ankle to post-operative repair work of the Anterior Cruciate, our exercise programs will return you to your best. We use our Rotagym specifically for your ankle ligament injuries to make it easy for you to see your strength increasing.

  • Muscle Strain

    Muscle strains and tendon sprains especially with shoulder rotator cuff injuries or tennis elbow injuries where careful, graded progressive exercises are required for steady and sustained recovery.

Call (03) 9670 3996 or email info@elizabethphysio.com.au for progressive exercise programs

iPad Video Analysis

We offer an ipad video analysis program which allows us to view, review, enhance and slow down joint movement, muscle contraction, postural positions and functional activities to discover reasons for pain and injury.

Why do we do this?

Many problems in the body relate to poor biomechanics – the way the body is positioned and the way it moves.

What does this program mean for you ?

iPad video analysis allows us to identify the problems related to biomechanics and then modify or correct the activity so that you can return to pain free function.

The iPad video movement analysis is fantastic for the assessment and treatment of:

  • Work place and home office ergonomics
  • Running Injuries
  • Rowing Injuries
  • Bicycling Injuries
  • Throwing/Bowling Injuries in Cricket
  • Kicking injuries in Soccer or Football

It can also be used for:

• Enhancing your performance even if you are not injured

• Providing a clearer more dynamic look at your workplace. Not just examining the way you sit in relation to your computer, but the way you move at your desk which provides us with so many more clues to poor posture, repetitive strain injuries / occupational overuse injuries.

To fully understand why your problem occurs call (03) 9670 3996 or email info@elizabethphysio.com.au/

Dynamic Real Time Ultrasound

Move that muscle, see it work, feel it work, get it better

Elizabeth Street Physiotherapy uses Dynamic Real Time Ultrasound to examine the way muscles work from inside your body.

It is a non-invasive technique that allows us to assess and rehabilitate muscles that are weak or poorly moving.

From a video screen you will be able to see the targeted muscle contract. This will assist you in seeing and therefore feeling the muscle contract or even how much effort is required to move that muscle.

Dynamic Real Time Ultrasound is best known for its ability in improving deep abdominal muscle core stability in patients with low back pain.

The Physiotherapists at Elizabeth Street Physiotherapy can then assist you in improving and modifying muscle contraction and improve muscle strength and co-ordination.

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