Manipulative Physiotherapy

Manipulative Physiotherapists have a special interest and training in pain and dysfunction associated with spinal problems such as neck, trunk and lower back conditions and injuries, headaches, sciatica, vertigo and referred pain injuries.

Extra level of Physiotherapy Training

Manipulative Physiotherapists have a special interest and a further year of Post Graduate study in spinal pain and dysfunction. If you have injuries and conditions associated with the neck, trunk or lower back and more complicated pain where neural pain is present such as headaches, sciatica, referred pins / needles and numbness then ask us for the extra knowledge to assist you in recovery from these debilitating injuries.

Here at Elizabeth Street Physiotherapy you will receive an advanced thorough and in-depth assessment of your problem, experienced clinical decision making and up to date treatment specifically treating your problem.

Ergonomic Assessment, postural habits, pre-existing conditions and work style / life style are all taken into consideration and recommendations made.

At a glance;

> Special interest in spinal injuries.

> Extra year of study in spinal injury and conditions.

> Advanced, thorough and in depth assessment.

> Experienced clinical decision making.

> Up to date treatment techniques specifically targeting your pain including manipulation, mobilization, traction, muscle release, acupuncture and dry needling.

> Vast knowledge of spinal exercise programs.

Treatments can include;


Spinal Muscle Stabilization



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