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The key to our success with headache sufferers is our thorough and detailed assessment of the physical and environmental stresses.

Work stress, poor sleep, long hours in front of the computer all compete to cause tight neck muscles and joints which are a major cause of headaches. Our Manipulative Physiotherapist and Physiotherapists have the appropriate skills to treat your headache and return you to work pain free.

  • Dull/Sharp Ache or throbbing pain in the head or upper neck
  • Pain can be constant / intermittent, commonly in the temples or forehead
  • Pain can refer to jaw, face, neck or shoulders. Pain can refer from neck and shoulders into the head and face.
  • Pain can last minutes or days
  • Often associated with stiff neck and tight muscles in the shoulders

*    Can be associated with dizziness, nausea and blurred vision

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  • A large group of headaches stem from problems arising in the neck. Increased muscle tension, sprains of the ligaments around the neck vertebrae and disc bulges can place pressure on the upper neck vertebrae which refers pain up into the head.
  • Poor ergonomics such as sitting in front of the computer for long hours
  • Poor sleeping positions such as too high a pillow or too soft. See our tip section of pillow choice to assist you in your best choice
  • Work tension / stress
  • Direct hit to head or neck / whiplash injuries such as injuries that occur after a car accident.
  • Jaw pain

Our Physiotherapists approach headaches from all angles. The key to our success with headache sufferers is our thorough and detailed assessment of the physical and environmental stresses.

Work place assessments, sleeping position assessment, choices of pillow are all considered. We dig a bit deeper to ensure that treatment of headaches is not merely a patch but a plan for you to execute for long term relief.

For treatment options see:

Manipulative Physiotherapy



Stress Busting Massage

Physiotherapy Pilates

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Ms. D a 25-year-old office worker suffers headaches for the last 3 years at least 6 times per year.

  • Occurs with an increase in sitting hours
  • Affects concentration, often needs to sleep to reduce pain
  • Anti-inflammatories / pain killers reduce but do not resolve headache.

On Examination

  • Painful and tight trapezius muscle
  • Stiff upper cervical (neck) vertebral joints reproducing headache
  • Clicking and tender jaw joint
  • Poor posture, slouching shoulders


Muscles  and joints were loosened which reduced the headache.

Headaches were resolved when the below issues were addressed;

  • Ergonomics at work
  • The right pillow height
  • Grinding teeth which was causing jaw pain
  • Introduction of balanced Exercise Program including posture correction exercises , neck range of movement exercises and a home Pilates program.

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