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Sciatica is a nerve pain that travels through the length or part of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve runs from the lumbar spine to the toes of the foot.

At a glance;

  • Nerve symptoms present as pain, pins and needles, numbness, muscle tightness and spasm into the buttocks and legs
  • Unlike other pain or dysfunction, nerve pain requires a specialized approach, to find the origin of your pain.
  • Nerve pain often causes poor co-ordination, balance and movement.
  • Lumbar spine and buttock muscles are commonly the site of the problem.
  • Experienced Physiotherapists and Manipulative Physiotherapists provide treatment to target your problem and untangle your nerve pain.

Neural Pain is Different – Let us untangle your Nerve Symptoms

Our Manipulative Physiotherapist has an extra year of post graduate study in the treatment of sciatica/neural pain and can bring his expertise to help release your pinched nerve and solve your referred leg pain.

Sciatica is commonly felt as:

  • A sharp shooting pain down the back of the legs and into the buttock
  • Dull ache through the leg or legs
  • Poor balance, co-ordination in the legs
  • Pins and needles
  • Numbness
  • Weakness in the muscles of the buttock and legs

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Sciatica can be caused by:

  • Lumbar disc injury i.e. a disc bulge pushing on the nerve.
  • Lumbar vertebral degeneration or spondylosis (spinal arthritis) i.e. the nerve is entrapped or compressed by bone.
  • Swelling from ligament or muscle injuries such as the piriformis muscle in the buttock where the nerve is compromised as it runs through the muscle.

Neural pain is unlike any other pain or dysfunction. The time taken for healing(nerve is the slowest healing tissue in the body), the wide and varied nature of its symptoms and even the often seemingly disconnected areas of pain/symptoms makes it unique.

Our expertise with neural pain allows us to track down the source of your pain, target and treat those structures and tackle ongoing issues with neural stretching programs and rehabilitation exercises.

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