Our Physiotherapists will help you fight pain, relieve your symptoms and guide you to recovery using skills developed with experience and our professional approach. For Physiotherapy treatment today call (03) 9670 3996 or email

Knowledge is Power

Our Elizabeth Street Physiotherapists believe that empowering you with the knowledge of your injury, how it occurred to your body, what structure or structures are involved; how it can be fixed, what you can do to help yourself to prevent further damage and re-injury is critical to your fullest and quickest recovery.

We are mindful that your Specialists, Doctors, Coaches and Trainers be kept in consultation as required to ensure the quickest transition from injury to cure.

Physiotherapy treatments can include;

Heat and Cold

Hot pack and cold packs


Deep tissue and therapeutic

Joint stretching and mobilization

Stretching of joints and stretching of muscles


Ultrasound and interferential therapy

Ergonomic Assessment

Posture Evaluation

Muscle Strengthening

Exercise Prescription

To complement our hands on approach we have and provide  comprehensive exercise programs which have been developed, trialled and tested over decades of experience in sports injury management.

Our exercises can be provided either in written form or you will be guided to our exercise videos for your use at home.

Of course we have a Physiotherapy Pilates Studio and Rehabilitation Gym for your use either guided initially or they can be used independently once you have understood what needs to be done to ensure a smooth rehabilitation.

Modern Equipment

At Elizabeth Street Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on having modern and specialist exercise equipment for exercise programs that can be conducted in house in our Rehabilitation Gym or Physiotherapy Pilates Studio. These exercise programs are tailored individually and specifically to your injury. We ensure that this program of exercises has your goals in mind and we will guide you through to successful rehabilitation so that you can get back to training, and back on the field or track.

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