Tennis Elbow – Prevention and Cure

Tennis Elbow – Prevention and Cure

elbow pain TENNIS ELBOW.

“An exasperating experience “

Prevention and Cure.
One of the more common complaints seen at the Practice in the summer months is Tennis Elbow. Once it occurs it can take weeks and months to recover eating into your valuable recreation time.


Can it be prevented?

What is the best cure?

These are questions that Health Scientists have pondered for many years.

Part 1: The What and Who of Tennis Elbow.

Tennis elbow presents as pain over the outer edge of your lower arm, elbow or forearm along a ridge of bone known as the lateral epicondyle. Muscles at the back of the forearm, wrist and fingers known as the extensors either become inflamed, irritated, thickened or torn where they join the bone. Typically, tennis elbow occurs due to:

  1. Overuse/excessive gripping or extending back of the hand or fingers.
  2. Underprepared , tight or weak forearm muscles
  3. Poor technique of holding equipment or in using the equipment.
  4. Vibration or jarring activities.
  5. And even tight or painful neck/trunk which creates neural (nerve) tightness or referred pain to the lower arm.

Tennis elbow doesn’t just occur with tennis players, although research has shown that 40-50% of tennis players will get tennis elbow at some stage, it also occurs with those involved with manual handling, especially tradies holding electrical equipment, gardeners and even office workers where poor posture and ergonomics create a poor position for your hand, wrist, elbow, neck and trunk.

If you think you have tennis elbow, DON’T WAIT, an early assessment and early intervention sees the best results.

Stay tuned for next week – Treating and Preventing Tennis Elbow.


If you think you may have tennis elbow, time to see a Physiotherapist.
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