What Makes Clinical Pilates Different?

What Makes Clinical Pilates Different?

Lumbar Spine SeriesMost of us would have heard about Pilates. A system of exercises that uses controlled movements that builds Strength, Flexibility, Co-ordination and Efficiency of movement and muscular endurance in the body.

Clinical Pilates run by thoroughly trained Physiotherapists is different in that it uses Pilate’s exercises to specifically target and rehabilitate muscle groups that are injured and are causing pain or that need toning to improve stability.

Clinical Pilates can be used widely for all types of injuries from low back pain and neck pain, postural trunk pain and sciatica, knee and ankle sprains as well as rehabilitating post-operative conditions and chronic injuries such as tennis elbow or chronic fatigue / occupational overuse syndromes.

Pain and injury especially those that are reoccurring require proper assessment and treatment and not all exercises are right for your pain or injury.
So whilst Pilates is an excellent form of general exercise, some exercises will not be right and may cause further injury. Clinical Pilates is specific, individualized, safe and graduated to deal with the injured areas actual requirements. (Muscular/disc/ligament etc.)

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